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If you’ve found this article you might already know that hip inflammation is the root of many cases of hip pain.

Inflammation in other parts of the body can often be a pain, but with how complex and heavily relied on our hips are even a little bit of inflammation can quickly become a nagging pain.

What Causes Inflammation?

There are a variety of things that can cause inflammation but mainly we’re going to look at two things in regards to the hip: stress and trauma.

hip inflammation


The main enemy here is repetitive stress.  Inflammation is often found in athletes at all levels when they increase their training volume.  The added stress on their tendons and bursae cause inflammation.


If you are struck in the hip region and damage occurs parts of your hip may become inflamed as a natural defense.  Usually it’s not serious but it can be painful.

Hip Inflammation and Conditions

So why do we care about inflammation? Well it’s behind two very common hip conditions.

First there is hip flexor tendonitis.  As the name indicated tendonitis involves tendons becoming inflamed.

Secondly there is hip bursitis.  Hip bursitis is what occurs when your bursae become inflamed.  Your bursae are very important because they cushion important parts of your body from other parts to protect them.

What Inflammation Causes

Inflammation simply causes pain.  There are other rare possible side effects but mainly hip inflammation will cause your hip to hurt and it won’t get better until you rest for a while.  Rest time can vary wildly depending on the degree of inflammation.

Ready to Get Rid of Your Pain?

The only way to speed up your recovery is by using heating and cooling technology.

Low temperatures quicken the inflammation process, while heat will improve bloodflow to your hip flexor.

By stimulating blood flow in the injured area, you speed up:

  • how fast damaged tissue and waste are removed
  • the rate that nutrients are delivered to build healthy tissue
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