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Are you experiencing front hip pain? If you are you came to the right place to get a quick background and overview of some of the things that could be causing it.

The front hip in particular is basically right on top of the hip joint (where your leg attaches) at the front of your body.  This is very different from outer hip pain.

What’s Causing Your Front Hip Pain

There are too many hip conditions to count, but fortunately we can still look at some of the most common mechanisms for hip pain by looking at the ones that would specifically cause front hip pain.

front hip pain1) Arthritis – Arthritis of the hip is a serious and very common condition.  What it will do to you is make your hip very stiff and over time it will probably start to hurt.  Arthritis is very common in older people especially, although sometimes it can occur in younger people as well.

2) Snapping hip syndrome – Is the pain only when you perform a certain movement? Does is also come with a snapping sound? This syndrome occurs when a tendon becomes inflamed and gets snagged on a bone during a movement.  It is possible, although not the most likely, that it causes some pain in the front hip depending on the tendon location.

3) Bursitis – All around our hip joint we have bursae which protect our internal structures from bones.  Some of these are located near the front and when they are inflamed they will cause front hip pain.  Usually they won’t hurt unless you irritate them by moving or by touching them.


These are only 3 of the ways that hip pain could be affecting you.  Please go see a doctor and get a thorough hip pain diagnosis to make sure you know what’s wrong before it gets any worse.

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