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Any kind of hip pain is no joke and should be checked out immediately.  There are tons of different things that could cause sharp hip pain, some of which we’ll look at in this post.

I want to urge you to see a doctor if you experience any kind of sharp hip pain more than once, it could be an indicator of something more serious that you need to take care of.

Causes of Sharp Hip Pain

As I mentioned before we can’t go through all of the possible causes of sharp hip pain, but here is an overview of the major ones.

sharp pain in hipNerve Damage

The most common type of nerve damage is some sort of pinching.  Depending on what’s causing the pinched nerve it may or may not be a long-term issue.  In some cases all you may have to do are some simple hip stretches and foam rolling to see a big improvement, but that’s only the case if a tight hip flexor muscle is what’s causing the pinching.

Hip Pointer (Bruise)

Bruises in the hip are just like bruises anywhere else, but you might not notice them just from looking on your skin.  If you touch a bruise it causes a sharp pain, not exactly rocket science.  The pain should subside in a week or two and in some cases even less.

Hip Arthritis

I’ve written about it more extensively because it is such a common problem as people get older.  Hip arthritis can cause severe pain if there is no cartilage or very little left in the hip joint.  Usually you would have noticed the symptoms before of stiffness and gradual pain increase, but it is possible.

Hip Bursitis

Finally this is an inflammation condition that could cause a sharp pain in the hip.  The way hip bursitis works is that your bursa(s) become damaged in some way and become inflamed as a sort of self defense mechanism.  When they are touched they can be incredibly painful.  Check if your pain only comes when you touch your hip, if so this might be the issue.

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