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There’s a lot of similarities between hip pain while sleeping and hip pain at night, but we thought there was just enough of a difference to warrant a separate post.

Hip pain while sleeping indicates more than anything that either lying down or moving around in slightly awkward positions is causing you pain, so in this post we will be looking at potential reasons that this could happen.

Potential Reasons for Hip Pain while Sleeping

Hip arthritis is a condition that is worsened by movement because the pain is caused by movement that isn’t protected by cartilage (cartilage is worn away if you have arthritis).  If you are an active sleeper that moves around a lot it’s possible for you to irritate your Hip while sleeping.

If you are an athlete and have hurt your hip recently you may have Hip Bursitis.  This injury consists of your bursas around the joint swelling, usually as a result of contact.  It often hurts when touched, and when you are sleeping it’s easy to roll into a position that puts pressure onto your Hips, and by extension an inflamed bursa.

Adding on top to bursitis, if you are an athlete who has been performing a lot of repetitive hip movements lately you may have developed Hip flexor tendonitis, which is similar to bursitis because it is caused by inflamed tendons.

Is it possible you have a hip flexor strain?  There are many muscles that connect or surround the hips that can cause the pain.  While these strains heal they prefer to be largely immobile, so if you are moving around a lot you may be irritating them which causes pain while sleeping.


hip pain while sleepingWhile we have touched over a few possible causes for your hip pain while sleeping this is by no means a comprehensive list.  If you are experiencing hip pain while you are sleeping for more than a day or two I recommend going to a doctor who will have the proper tools to evaluate your individual situation.

Hip injuries can be very serious and it is important to catch them early for treatment before they get worse.  For now if you need to manage pain until you can see a doctor take anti-inflammatory pills according to the label before you go to sleep and see if that helps you temporarily.

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